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You can build your own app in about 20 minutes, and have it published to the world for free

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Promote Your Practice With a DIY Mobile App

AppMakr4Doctors puts your practice in the palm of your patients’ hands!
House calls may be a thing of the past, but your patients still long for that close, personal relationship. Help current and prospective patients connect with your practice by creating a custom mobile app. No coding required.

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Creating a Custom App for Your Practice Is Quick And Easy

What goes in the app is totally up to you: Link to your practices’ blog and social media accounts, post office hours and after-hours contact information, links to medical resources, appointment availability calendars, and so much more! Your app will run on iPhone, Android and HTML5 web-enabled smartphones, and it doesn’t require you to write a single line of code. Our drag-and-drop interface makes it as simple to create a professional, well-designed app quickly, easily, and efficiently.

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Affordable, Flexible, and Fully-customizable

You control the content of your app, and to whom it is distributed. With our unique app building tool, you can combine endless features to create just the app you need. Publicize your office hours, accepted insurance, directions, and contact info. Use a dynamic calendar to display open appointment slots. Remind patients to get immunizations or annual checkups with push notifications. Share tips for healthy living and preventative healthcare. Upload PDF copies of your new patient forms for visitors to complete and print at home to save time on their next visit.

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A Mobile App Can Simplify and Improve Your Practice

Start creating the mobile app that will streamline your practice today. The basic version, which includes our unobtrusive ads, is free. Removing ads, increasing the number of devices your app is authorized to be installed on, or adding some other additional features are available ala carte, for reasonable monthly fees.

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