Well after much delay we have FINALLY started the Monkey Blog, WELCOME! It’s been almost 2 years since we started Infinite Monkeys, and it has been an exciting, crazy, exhausting time. We’re delighted with how things have turned out though, and there is no doubt that the fun is just getting started. Since launching our app maker platform to the markets 10 months ago we’ve been blown away by all the different interesting mobile apps that people have created for their iPhones and Android devices. If you’d like to see how this whole thing started, be sure to watch this:

Starting from today, we’ll be sharing some of the learnings and industry updates in this blog. I’m determined for it not to become just another corporate promotional mouthpiece. So stay tuned for the excitement, the frustration and the lessons of running a mobile start-up and growing from zero to complete global domination! Stay tuned… Jay.