According to a survey by Mobile Marketing Watch; 61% SMBs are not promoting their business through mobile search.  23

This can be a great loss of opportunity income for these businesses. Read more about how the Loss of Opportunity Income for those who don’t have a mobile presence. It is not a surprise when the top 2 hurdles are Time & Resources and Budget. Most small business owners wear multiple hats and end up spreading their time and effort thinly on operations, development, marketing, sales, etc.

It’s understandable when small businesses are not willing to spend thousand to tens of thousands on mobile app development which they may or may not have control of their content.  With mobile app builders like Infinite Monkeys, it is a cost-effective and efficient solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses operators for their marketing efforts. With its Drag-and-Drop app building platform, this user-friendly feature eliminates the hurdle of time and resource. With its variety of options from FREE to $9/month, $99/one time fee, or completely ad-free for $499, this is truly a cost-effective marketing tool for small businesses.