Kate Serbin/Unsplash

Kate Serbin/Unsplash

We rely on mobile apps to navigate unfamiliar locations, pay our bills, and even find a date. These 10 apps promise to make your life easier — and more fun — in 2016.

Let’s face it: mobile apps are an enormous component of our daily lives. You depend on GoogleMaps daily, constantly check your Instagram, and may have even logged a few hours on Candy Crush in the past 24 hours. Apps not only inject some much needed distraction and fun into our days — they also save us time and generally make our lives easier. From dating to cooking to gaming, here are 10 apps that will simplify — and liven up — your life in 2016.


These days, the dating marketplace is flooded with apps. From Tinder to Bumble, singletons have access to a vast array of options to meet their unique desires and preferences. Hinge has set itself apart from the pack by connecting users with friends of friends and others in their extended network. In the increasingly impersonal field of dating, this app provides a great way to vet your prospects before you meet.


Itching to get cooking but don’t know where to start? Enter Yummly, an app that offers access to thousands of easy-to-follow recipes that run the culinary gamut — from Italian meatballs to Vietnamese banh mi, Yummly has you covered. The recipes offered are uniquely tailored to your preferences, and they’ll be sure to tempt you away from the same boring takeout.


We’ve come a long way since snake was the only mobile game in town. Inspired by German expressionism and film noir, Limbo is a moody and beautifully designed puzzle-platform game. Check it out, and you’ll begin to appreciate the artistic potential of mobile app games.


With Twitch, you’ll have thousands of video games at your fingertips. Need we say more? You can stream games, watch recorded video of top gamers and events, and interact with other users instantly.


When you’re exploring a new neighborhood, the last thing you want to do is waste time searching for a restaurant, movie theater, or nearby gas station. AroundMe takes the guesswork out of exploring a new place by identifying your location and providing a list of business and services that are nearby — you’ll never waste time hunting for an ATM again.


Ever fall in love with a song played at a cafe or supermarket but have no way of identifying its title or artist? With Shazam, you can easily avoid this unique frustration — simply whip out your phone and the app will identify the name of the tune. Even better: the tool now works on TV shows and connects to Spotify.


These days, staying abreast of the news can be an overwhelming endeavor — there are so many news affiliates online that it can be difficult to zero in on the stories you’re most interested in reading. SmartNews aggregates articles and tailors them to match your preferences. From USA Today to Vice News, they’ve got you covered.


Sticking to a budget is hard — who among us hasn’t winced at a dwindling account balance at the end of the month? Mint can help you stay on track and save money by logging your credit card purchases, investments, and expenses. Who knows — with all the money you save, you might finally be able to splurge on that vacation you’ve been daydreaming about.


Want to perfect the art of the selfie? Look no further than FaceTune. The tool allows users to whiten teeth, airbrush pimples, and generally brighten up their visage with just a swipe of the finger.Give it a try — you might give Kim Kardashian a run for her money.


Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular, especially among commuters, as the reading medium of choice. With the Audible app, you have access to over 180,000 different titles of every genre. Because you can can download a new book in just a few seconds, squeezing a little reading time into your packed schedule has never been easier.

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