One of the things about Infinite Monkeys that has been really interesting to build over the past couple of years, is the fact that the ENTIRE company is virtual. All of our tech infrastructure resides in the cloud with services like Amazon and Akamai – but it doesn’t end there. All of our corporate software is in the cloud through Google Apps for Business and Hosted Intuit Quickbooks

However… the most interesting part has been working with oDesk for all of our staffing. We’ve had over 130 different people work for Infinite Monkeys, literally on six different continents: Developers, designers, bookeepers, customer support agents, animators, etc. All through oDesk.

Over the next few months I’ll share some of the various learnings we’ve had about building this virtual organization, but in the mean time I’m delighted to share this article that ran today on oDesk’s blog… about us!

oDesk: The Latest Coveted Business Address: ‘Global Nomad’