Hailing a cab in a strange city can be an intimidating prospect, but don’t panic yet — these apps provide great cab-hailing alternatives that put you in the driver’s seat.

Trying to summon a taxi in a busy city can be an incredibly frustrating process. Why endure getting that hoarse voice, sore arms, and flared-up temper when the solution could be right there on your smartphone?

Here are some easy-to-use apps that will help you navigate the hustle and bustle of the city, some of which might even save you a few bucks along the way.


This incredibly popular app-based company was founded in 2009, and it’s become the standard-bearer for taxi alternatives. With a variety of options, users can choose to travel in a regular car, ride in style with a limousine or SUV, or even pool rides with other customers for a reduced fee.

Available in over 300 cities and 58 countries, Uber is the most popular transportation app in the world, and it’s still growing rapidly. All drivers are background checked, and you’ll be conveniently charged through the app — it even includes the tip for you!


Like Uber, Lyft was founded in 2012. The company emphasizes friendly service and vets its drivers extensively, and while it’s only available in the United States, Lyft’s service extends to 65 cities.

With Lyft, you can be assured you’ll have some pleasant interactions with your driver. Look out for any cars with a pink mustache!


The main difference between the British-made Hailo and apps like Lyft and Uber is that Hailo sticks to regular car services instead of higher-end transportation, choosing to emphasize affordability rather than customization. While Hailo currently offers its services in the U.S., it’s planning on getting out of the crowded North American market.

“(The) astronomical marketing spend required to compete is making profitability for any one player almost impossible,” Hailo Chief Executive Tom Barr explained.

Hailo has since shifted its focus to the Asian and European markets. Like Uber and Lyft, everything is channelled through the app, making payment and procuring a ride as straightforward is possible. If you’re living in the U.S., you should try this service out before it’s too late!


Founded in 2012, the Sidecar app is available in 12 cities throughout the United States. This app integrates ride-sharing with delivery, allowing you to easily move goods and services or hitch a ride.

The service was designed to serve a diverse array of needs and connect you with as wide a network of drivers as possible, which gives it unrivaled customizability. Sidecar allows you to choose from a list of drivers, price ranges, travel time, and type of car.

SheTaxiShe Taxis

She Taxis is a unique app designed specifically for female riders. Responding to incidences of violence and danger with regular taxi services, She Taxi is owned and operated by women, for women.

The service is dedicated to providing a sense of safety to a group that so often must take extra precautions when moving from place to place in an urban environment, as well as offering more women the opportunity to be taxi drivers. At the moment, it’s exclusively available in New York.

YourAppHere3Hailing Cabs

Gone are the days of waiting out in the cold for a taxi, only to have the couple behind you swoop in at the last moment. These apps will make sure you’ll get where you need to be, all without those hours of waving like a lunatic from the curb.

But if the apps on this list don’t meet your needs, why not try and create one with Infinite Monkeys’ easy-to-use app creation software? You’ve seen how far tech transportation can has taken others — now see if you’ve got what it takes to hitch a ride.