A cat laughing.
A cat laughing.

Sham Hardy/flickr

With so many successful apps out there, it’s almost insane to consider building another. That’s why, when you’re brainstorming ideas, try thinking outside of the box — even if that means getting a little silly.

Has your feline friend seemed a little lonely lately? Maybe you should check out TopCatz, a tinder-esque mobile app for browsing and rating other cats. Seriously, this exists. And while you might think it sounds ridiculous, the app has taken off amongst cat lovers everywhere, all desperately competing for the prestigious title of #1 cat in the world.

According to Forbes, founder Alex Gale came up with idea while blowing off some steam from his regular job, and to poke some fun at the often, overly-serious world of tech startups and app development.

“Honestly, I’ve been involved in start-ups for a few years now and after a while it seems like everything is an ‘Uber for this…’ or a ‘Facebook for that…’ A ‘Twitter for Sailors’ an ‘Airbnb for Coat Hooks.’ After a little while I thought, I want some of that! What’s really popular? Cats. That’ll do.”

Calling Cat Connoisseurs

A kitten winking.

Tambako The Jaguar/flickr

Despite the app’s quirkiness, TopCatz’s bizarre success boils down to two principal factors: Gale’s ability to think outside of the box, and the app’s appeal to a widespread, dedicated audience.

It’s no secret that cats have been a hot topic on the internet for years: if you’re not actively seeking out cute videos of kittens playing on robotic vacuum cleaners, you can hardly miss the countless pictures of grumpy-looking cats on your Facebook Newsfeed.

The fact is, people love cats almost almost as much as they love using apps, which is why Gale’s combination of the two was so astute, and a surefire recipe for success.

Weird Can Win

A child pulling a funny face.

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Need more proof that silliness sells? Tech Bureau released a list of similarly ridiculous apps that achieved super-stardom in their own, respective fields. Hangtime!, for instance, is an app that keeps track of your jump height by timing how long you stay in the air.

Weirdly, the app became even more popular after users discovered that it could calculate their phone’s hangtime after being thrown, resulting in an Ellen Show mention, and, presumably, a sea of shattered screens.

In an even more frivolous vein, SimStapler consists of a graphic of a stapler and a hand which, when tapped, makes a stapling sound. The concept is pretty simple: the more you tap, the more imaginary staples you use, and the higher your score becomes. Suddenly, a tinder for cats seems like a relatively useful idea.

Strangely enough, the weirder and more pointless the app, the more attention it seems to attract. It would be criminal not to mention the infamous Flappy Bird app, which inexplicably disappeared from the app store to the profound disappointment of millions of diehard fans.

Although the game was pretty stripped down in terms of design, it was highly addictive and just quirky enough to flap into the hearts of the masses. Market Watch reports that one iPhone with Flappy Bird still installed reached a $100k bid on eBay before the sale was shut down.

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

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