Chances are you are already convinced of the massive importance and potential of having an iPhone app and/or an Android app for your business / group. (after all that’s why you’re here, right?) We certainly are, that’s why we decided back in 2011 to launch our free app maker.

However, it’s always nice to have those assumptions backed up with some hard numbers every once in a while. Well, the guys over at have put together a fantastic infographic on their blog about the current state & scale of the smartphone industry.

We’ve reposted it below for you.

Most interesting is:

– There are more than 1 BILLION smartphones active now

– < 10% of those smartphones are in the USA

– Singapore (our hometown!) has the #1 smartphone penetration in the world

So, if you’ve been thinking about whether or not to create your own app, these stats should help convince you!