SBL crew

The SBL Crew app was created for the Nissan Grand Livina enthusiasts group in Malaysia.

First of all, all content here is in the Malaysian language. With Infinite Monkeys’ mobile app builder, you’re able to make apps with various languages such as Arabic, Turkish, Simplified or Traditional Chinese.

SBL crew

In this app, users can access Waktu Solat or Prayer Time for the Muslims in Malaysia, a valuable feature for observant members for them to perform five prayers throughout the day and the night.

Their members can also access religious lectures and daily inspirational verses in this app. The app also has a downloadable document that contains a comprehensive list of their club members and their contact information. There’s also a photo gallery where you can check out pictures from their latest gatherings and events.

Another helpful feature of this app is a Google Map, this will help new members to reach their club’s location from anywhere across Malaysia.

This app is also meant to keep all their members informed and up to date on current industry and club events so they’ve included a link to their facebook page. Check out the SBL Crew app today. You can download it by clicking here.