A pregnant woman holds her stomach.
A pregnant woman holds her stomach.


Pregnancy can extremely stressful time, but these apps can make it a little easier to ride the ups and downs of bringing a new life into the world.

Pregnancy is both an exciting and, if you’ll excuse the pun, laborious nine months. Between prenatal nutrition, lamaze classes, weird food cravings, and seemingly endless visits to the doctor’s office, the whole process can be more than a little overwhelming. But mobile pregnancy apps are helping to make all of these moving parts a little more manageable.

Now, expectant mothers can get updates on their baby’s development, share pregnancy tips, and receive expert advice — all on their smartphones. Here are five of the best apps for moms-to-be.

Pregnancy Companion

The brainchild of board-certified OB/GYNs, Pregnancy Companion is the only app on this list created by licensed medical professionals.

Its features include tools that track women’s hydration and check the safety of their medication, making sure that moms and babies alike are staying safe and healthy. You can watch 3D videos and even ask doctors questions directly through the app. Along with daily medical tips, the app offers organizational tools like pregnancy lists and appointment planners.

My Pregnancy Today

My Pregnancy Today offers a range of useful resources, including a daily calendar with specific details on the pregnancy process, as well as information on what baby products to buy at particular times.

Expectant mothers can share tips and mutual support with other women at similar stages in their pregnancies. Developed by the trusted BabyCenter, the app provides quality advice, fact-checked by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board.

Healthy Baby Bump

A pregnant woman using a smartphone.

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Created by Kiqplan, Healthy Baby Bump offers unique fitness and nutrition tips for those who don’t want to get out of shape during the course of their pregnancy.

The app is compatible not only with your smartphone, but also with other fitness trackers like FitBit. It provides recipes and a food diary with a barcode scanning option, as well as pregnancy-safe workouts. At $19.99, the app is a little pricy, but Healthy Baby Bump stands apart from other fitness apps in that it focuses specifically helping pregnant women keep up with their fitness needs.

Ovia Pregnancy

Ovia Pregnancy is for the tech-savvy mom.

Pregnant mothers can utilize state-of-the-art features and input their own data for a highly personalized experience. Offering tailored advice, the app lets you track your weight, sleep, mood, and more. Ovia also includes a search feature for medication, symptoms, and nutrition.

Created by both scientists and mothers, the app attempts to fuse medical expertise with the unique needs of individual women.

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

If moms want it, BabyBump probably has it. In addition to daily feedback and infographics on the growth of your baby, the app offers a kick and contraction counter. Moms can create a birth plan, pregnancy checklists, and chat with other expectant moms on the BabyBump forums. And the app’s built-in shop features a curated list of the best baby products. BabyBump also features a huge database of baby names, searchable by origin, meaning, gender, popularity, and more.

Build Your Own

If you’re still having trouble finding an app to suit your needs, Infinite Monkeys’ app building platform makes designing your own pregnancy app a breeze. With no prior coding experience necessary, any mother-to-be can build an affordable, custom pregnancy app to help make sure she’ll be ready when the big day finally arrives.