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Zarko Drincic/flickr

More than ever, people are turning to their smartphones and the latest apps to find out what’s going on in the world today. What makes mobile news so popular, and how can you get in on this fast-growing market?

Getting the latest news on the go has never been so easy or popular. A recent API study shows that [tweetable alt=”47% of #Americans have received news alerts at some point through apps, #text or #email, says @AmPress.” hashtag=””]47% of Americans have received news alerts at some point through apps, text or email, a figure that will only rise as more people gain access to smartphones.[/tweetable]

But with so many outlets at a mobile user’s disposal, let’s point out some of the best apps suited to our needs and consider how they could be further improved.

YahooNewsAppYahoo News Digest

This stylish and elegant app curates two digests of around ten articles each day. It’s very simple to use and procures its articles from a wide range of sources. However, what it has in aesthetics it lacks in customizability.

If you’re looking to tailor the type of news you receive and focus more on particular subjects, like technology or science, then this might not be the news app for you.

Price: Free (iOS, Android)

cLogoCirca News

Circa News claims to offer the “best way to the news on your phone.” Curated by a dedicated editorial team, [tweetable alt=”The @CircaNews #app scans the top #news stories of the day and presents them specifically for #mobile.” hashtag=””]Circa News scans the top stories of the day and presents them specifically for mobile audiences,[/tweetable] focusing on the latest and most relevant topics and allowing users to follow breaking news. But like Yahoo’s app, Circa news offers very little customizability for the user.

Price: Free (iOS, Android)

APNewsAP Mobile

The AP Mobile app feels more like a traditional news source. It features many news categories, from international to local to “oddities,” and the AP itself is seen as one of the most reliable and trustworthy news sources around the world. One drawback is its design: it isn’t the easiest app to navigate, owing in part to distracting advertisements.

Price: Free (iOS, Aandroid, Windows Phone)

AlienBlueAlien Blue

Alien Blue is by far the best Reddit-based app available, and includes a high level of customizability to suit users’ needs, including themes for appearance and tabs to keep track of multiple subreddits. Reddit itself can be a great place to discover under-the-radar news and alternative outlets while staying up to date on breaking stories.

However, the elaborate interface makes it more difficult than on other apps to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Price: Free (iOS)


Twitter offers a great channel for keeping up with current events through countless sources, and Tweetbot uses a simple, effective design to customize the experience on your phone. With the ability to create extra tabs and mute sources without unfollowing them, you can adjust the app to suit your individual news consumption needs and wants.

However, with so many outlets sharing news via the app, the onus is on the user to determine a source’s accuracy and whether it’s worth following.

Price: $4.99 (iOS)

PaperbyFacebookPaper by Facebook

Paper by Facebook manages to repackage the Facebook experience into something new and newsworthy. This app combines stories from your personal Newsfeed with articles posted by news sites in an uncluttered style, focusing on the important pictures and words of each post.

It’s a great way to stay up-to-date with current news both on the international scale and from people on your Friends list. While there are certainly some annoying or fiddly interface choices — the “swipe” system, for example, can be frustrating and inelegant — Paper by Facebook succeeds in recreating the social network experience with a more news-centered focus.

Price: Free (iOS)

What’s the Next Great News App?

Each of these apps has its advantages and disadvantages. With the correct design choices and collection of sources, a new app could easily improve upon what’s currently out on the market.

If you’re interested in joining this constantly expanding industry, Infinite Monkeys provides a free and simple platform for developing and marketing your own app. Sign up today and become the next great mobile news source!