My Toolkit v2 was created by Staging Connections, Australia’s only integrated event services provider that possess a unique service offering that combines technical production, styling and design services with the latest in digital event media. The app was created mainly for their colleagues, employees and their clients.

400 my toolkitIn this app, users can access survey forms where you can share them your shift report or pictures from your recent events.

You can also access Staging Connection’s blog where they share helpful information about planning modern or classic outdoor events, conference ideas, tips and more.

Though this app, you can also share ideas on how they can better improve efficiency and design amazing experiences for their clients that are worthy of recommendation

Other sections of the My Toolkit v2 app also include forms where Staging Connection’s employees can submit Out of Service Equipment reports, incident reports and  hazard assessments.

Try the My Toolkit v2 app on your smartphone or create a mobile app of your own with Infinite Monkeys.

My Toolkit v2 app is a great example of the really interesting different uses that people are finding for our app maker.