Ian Hughes/flickr

Ian Hughes/flickr

The latest entertainment app craze, MyIdol, has sat comfortably on the list of the top three U.S. entertainment apps for almost two weeks now, and it’s showing no signs of letting up.

Created in China, MyIdol emerged seemingly out of the blue on April 21, skyrocketing to the number-two spot in the entertainment category of the U.S. iOS app store. [tweetable alt=”Days after its release on April 21, short clips of animated #MyIdol avatars went #viral, according to @TODAYshow.” hashtag=””]Within the next two days, strange, short clips of animated avatars went viral all over the Internet[/tweetable] — especially on Instagram and Vine, according to Today.

In no time, the app was to hitting the top spot in both entertainment and general U.S. App Store categories.

Further statistics from App Annie show that more than two weeks later, the app’s reign continues as one of the top three entertainment apps for iPhone — it only just slipped out of the top 50 in general apps on May 7. [tweetable alt=”#MyIdol #app was at number one in @AppStore for almost a week in late April, according to @appannie.” hashtag=””]MyIdol was at #1 for almost a week in late April, completely dominating the app world with its weird and hilarious avatar-creation service.[/tweetable]

What Does the App Do?

Considering that the only part of the app that’s written in English is its name, MyIdol has been met with surprising success in the English-speaking world. Though the app is only available in simplified Chinese, this language barrier didn’t stop users from navigating through the app’s features. Not to fear, though — the English version is coming soon.

The creepiness and confusion nearly all users report experiencing seems to be part of the fun. The clips shared from the app that are flooding the web show highly farcical and hilarious scenes— Morgan Freeman singing “Let It Go” in a panda suit from an ice throne is a spectacle we otherwise might never have witnessed, according to the Washington Post.

TechCrunch suggests that it’s a surefire way for people to visualize their pole-dancing fantasies — an extremely specific niche, but a niche nonetheless.

And the bizarre possibilities are apparently endless. After taking a selfie, you can download and upload cartoons of yourself in ridiculous poses or performing strange acts. Take this Business Insider writer’s favorite simulated action, for example: crying as he is about to cut off his arm.

Believe it or not, it gets even more bizarre. Other popular features include altering your age, hair style and color, eyes, skin tone — and of course, adding (or removing) clothing.

Will it Last?

Ian Hughes/flickr

Ian Hughes/flickr

Surprisingly, the app’s initial release was relatively unremarkable — after its February 15 launch, the highest the app reached in the U.S. rankings was #42 in the social media category, after which it plummeted to #1447 in March.

Now that it’s suddenly and unexpectedly broken into the highest of the iOS ranks, it shows little sign of backing down — MyIdol even released a new version of the app on April 22.

While most clips of celebrity avatars have been posted by general users, some celebrities have bought into the app craze themselves. Entertain This noted that a pole-dancing Miley Cyrus avatar “was found in its natural habitat,” while celebrities like John Mayer and Ryan Seacrest are among the more mild MyIdol-ed celebrities, according to Pop Sugar.

There’s no doubt that MyIdol clips will eventually permeate Buzzfeed lists, especially as the English version’s release date draws closer. Publications like RedEyeChicago have already released their top MyIdol picks from around the internet, and even Elle even released a how-to guide on making your avatar look just like you.

What’s Next?

You really do have to try the app for yourself to understand how creepy and hilarious it is. Download it and see what you can do with your avatar.

MyIdol proves to the app world that you really, truly never can predict the latest craze. If you have your own fantastic idea, or if you just want to experiment until you find it, try app development out for yourself with Infinite Monkeys. You don’t even need to have coding knowledge to use the platform — just an awesome idea and the willingness to try it out.