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These mobile news apps will keep you in the know with information on traffic incidents, subway closures, protests, international events, finance, and more.

They say “ignorance is bliss,” but missing out on important current events, especially those in your area, certainly doesn’t feel very blissful. These seven news apps will keep you fully informed when you’re on the go.


Make the most of the time you spend looking at your phone or computer screen by using it to focus your attention on the real world. Circa will provide you with pertinent facts about the stories happening around you by providing you with distilled journalism, perfect for those who aren’t interested in padded stories and flowery language.

It also provides some original news stories and posts updates on articles that you’ve subscribed to, so you don’t have to go through entire sites looking for minor news updates.

APNewsAP Mobile

For a fixture in the old guard in journalism, the Associated Press sure knows how to make a great mobile app — get some of the best exclusive photos and solid coverage for international and local events, wherever you might be.


The Flipboard mobile app, which also has a web version for when you’re at a PC, resembles a well-designed storyboard of your favorite things: from tech and current events, to activity on your social media accounts.


Paper masterfully combines your Facebook newsfeed with whatever categories of news and events you choose, all enveloped in an attractive, minimal interface that’s easy to navigate, maximizing your screen’s real estate. Unfortunately, the app is currently only available for iPhone users in the U.S.


This popular website has an app for mobile too — while the site is better known for LOLs and OMGs than in-depth reporting (how useful is “real” news anyway?), Buzzfeed is looking to change that reputation with its new news app. The company has begun hiring experienced staff and looking into long-form journalism, so be prepared to have your expectations upended!

GoogleNewsGoogle News

Ever been confronted by an obnoxious paywall after trying to access an article on a news site? Is clearing your cookies not doing the trick? Simply plug the article name into Google News, and you’ll generally find the article freely available. Thanks, Google!

The Google News app allows you to tailor content to your country, receive suggestions, and get push notifications for news stories that interest you.

AlienBlueAlien Blue

Do you want the “front page of the internet” on your mobile? With Alien Blue, Reddit’s amazing content is streamlined just for your mobile device, bypassing all the limitations that smartphone users famously encounter on their small screens. However, this is another app that’s only available on iOS.

If you have good ideas for news apps, or if you think you can improve upon any of these already existing ones, use Infinite Monkeys to build your own. The easy app-making platform lets you pick and choose which features you need and where you want to publish it the app, all without utilizing code. Start informing your audience today!