Mayfield High School is a public secondary school in Mayfield, Kentucky, and is the only high school of the Mayfield Independent School District. This app is for anyone who wants to keep up with what is going on at Mayfield High School.


This app has some cool features that students can use like the chat room that lets them chat with other students who are also using this app. There’s also a Fan Map that lets students add their location and check out other users within the area.

You can also use the social wall to posts your message, suggestions or recommendations publicly.

I believe the Weather map comes in handy for the students who are keen to perform some outdoor activities. Through this app, they are able to prepare the right gear for a sunny or rainy weather.

Another great feature of this app is a Google Map that helps anyone reach Mayfield High School’s location from anywhere across the state of Kentucky.

Check out the Mayfield High School app today. You can download it by clicking here.