Coffee Craving

Coffee Craving is a mobile app designed to share information about the Coffee Corner Movement, an organization that aims to put coffee profits back into the pockets of American Small Business Owners. The Coffee Craving app’s objective is to change the way America drinks Good Coffee.

Coffee Craving

With one look at the Coffee Craving app, users can visually see all the interesting components included in the app like Youtube videos featuring coffee shops, coffee varieties, fundraising events, and more.

Another great feature they’ve included are quick and delicious coffee recipes from around the world.Other sections also include their social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where they share their latest updates and announcements.

With this app, you can also access their coffee club and also their marketing documents for coffee shop owners. There’s also a quick link to their Coffee Swag section where you can check out funny coffee mugs, nostalgic decor, and information about the coffee world market.

Check out the Coffee Craving app today. You can download it by clicking on here.