GAD Consulting Services Inc. has developed the app for business owners to manage their financial function in their figures.

400 GAD

The app has the following main twelve features:

-The Key Deadlines enables you to view the different key dates in the year.

-The Deals give details of some of their special offers, free ebooks and webinars.

-The contact section puts users in touch with any members of our back or front office.

-Document enables you to have access to GAD Consulting Services’ documents for download purposes.

-Bookshelf is excerpt of the Essential Finance Handbook for business owners published by GAD Consulting Services Inc.

-Ticket allows you to participate in all the exciting events that they organize.

-The news allows you to get handy information about the latest developments and reports about business and finance.

-Another great customer service feature they’ve included is a Live Chat.

-Schedule enables you to schedule an appointment with the accountant assigned to your company directly.

-And most importantly, you can check out their services, resources and forms through their full site.

Try the GAD Accounting App on your smartphone or create a mobile app of your own with Infinite Monkeys.

The GAD Accounting app is a great example of the really interesting different uses that people are finding for our app maker.