Maurizio Pesce/flickr

Maurizio Pesce/flickr

Google’s new modular smartphone prototype presents a new world of application for both consumers and developers. Entrepreneurs making new hardware or new apps should find it easier than ever to customize a uniquely marketable product.

Over the last few years, Google’s mysterious Project Ara has gone from mere rumors in the tech community to successful and highly publicized demos, according to TechCrunch. The idea behind this unique smartphone initiative is to provide consumers with the option of nearly infinite customization.

Twelve empty connection ports make the phone a veritable blank canvas for developers and users alike to sculpt their ideal mobile experience.

A Phone to Last Generations

In the extremely fickle and ever-changing world of mobile technology, the possibilities of Ara present some large implications to the market. Instead of buying an entirely new Android product every time the latest version is released, imagine simply replacing the outdated hardware for a fraction of the cost.

Cameras, processors, input ports, you name it — [tweetable alt=”The @google #ProjectAra will allow you to pop out old #smartphone components and replace them like Lego.” hashtag=””]the Google Ara will allow you to pop your old one out and replace it as if it were a Lego,[/tweetable] as Cnet describes.

This same idea also carries over into the discussion of damaged or broken parts. With its separate and easily removable pieces, Ara offers the appeal of a quick DIY experience, as opposed to a day-long trip to the Apple Store.

A Phone For Developers

As an app developer, knowing your hardware can often be the most difficult part of creating an effective and user-friendly program. If your creation doesn’t function perfectly on every available platform, chances are you will alienate a significant portion of your audience.

The important thing to note about Ara is that you have the freedom to design hardware of your own that works with Google’s product. [tweetable alt=”With @google’s #ProjectAra, instead of to worrying about @Android hardware, you can now design your own.” hashtag=””]Instead of having to worry about the capabilities of Apple or Android’s hardware, you can now design your own.[/tweetable]

A Phone For Everyone

When an idea as versatile and open as the Google Ara hits the market, entrepreneurs of all kinds are sure to follow. Think about the idea of creating any gizmo or gadget that can attach and connect directly to your phone — the possibilities are practically endless.

Industries from medicine to sports could all find benefit from well-designed peripherals that work in tandem with their smart devices. Whether you wanted to accurately track a patient’s heart rate during an ambulance ride or get a detailed rundown of weather conditions, new and exciting capabilities are here to help make your ambition into a reality.

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