A close-up of a smartphone.
A close-up of a smartphone.


If you only use your smartphone to text, tweet, or browse the web, you’re missing out on some seriously fun and and productive functions.

Did you know that, according to GeekWire, the average American spends 162 minutes a day on their smartphone? Whether that time is spent in pursuit of business, pleasure, or both, there’s a good chance that you aren’t using your phone to its fullest potential. Here are five, groundbreaking ways to improve your mobile experience.

1. Turbocharge Your Battery

For those people who simply can’t seem to keep their smartphone batteries charged, GottaBeMobile.com has heard your cry and offers a bit of electrical advice. Many new phones come with special wall plugs that allow for a much faster recharge than traditional chargers.

Moreover, if you switch your phone into “airplane mode,” — powering off your wifi, messaging, and other connected, energy draining apps — that recharge will be even faster.

2. Pay for Things

Today, our phones are make paying for things easier than ever. No need for cash or credit cards — just swipe your phone and go. Apple Pay, available for later iPhone models, is now being accepted by over 1 million restaurants and retailers across the globe, and the number is growing every day.

Google Wallet is a similar service, allowing Android users to jump on the bandwagon and deliver mobile payment at any location already accepting Apple Pay or Debit MasterCard.

3. Level Your Perspective

As TechRadar points out, most smartphones can be used as a level for hanging pictures, shelves, or really anything that needs a bit of straightening out. This function is already built-in to iPhones with iOS7 and later — to access it, simply open the compass app and swipe left. Android users can choose from a number of free apps that provide the same feature.

4. Name That Tune

Do you ever hear an amazing new song, only to have it float away, title unknown? Well, the frustrating days of song guessing are over. Apps like Shazam and SoundHound can listen to a song as it plays and in mere seconds, provide you with the title and the artist of the tune in question.

What’s more, this is feature is built-in to Apple’s Siri for iPhone and the newer Windows Phones, making discovering great, new music easier than ever.

5. Monitor Your Vitals

It’s important to stay informed about your overall health and well-being. A number of Android and Samsung phones feature built-in sensors that can monitor vitals like heart rate and blood pressure, and can even record a user’s daily calorie intake and activity levels.

If your phone doesn’t come with these functions pre-installed, not to worry — according to Techlicious, there are plenty of health and wellness apps available for iPhone users as well.

Why Not Share in the Fun?

The remarkable versatility of smartphones has made them become an indispensable part of our lives. The mobile experience is constantly evolving — every day, developers are building innovative, new apps that are redefining what is and isn’t possible, and expanding the platform’s already long list of capabilities and applications.

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