In 2009 Daniel R. Odio together with Sean Shadmand, Isaac Mosquera founded AppMakr. In this blog post Daniel explains why they decided to sell AppMakr to Infinite Monkeys and his expectations for the maker your own mobile app space.

Daniel’s main point is that they have chosen to focus on focus, in other words – they recognize the massive potential of AppMakr, but also recognize that the only way they will be truly successful on their main venture (Socialize) is to solely focus on building that.

As a serial entrepreneur, I believe there is a lot of wisdom in that decision. That is why I am now a serial entrepreneur and no longer a parallel entrepreneur as I once was.

On behalf of the entire AppMakr community: publishers, partners, and staff I’d like to thank Daniel, Sean & Isaac for the incredibly professional, friendly and welcoming approach they have taken to this transition. The past few weeks have been a real pleasure working with them. We’re excited to be taking on the challenge of growing AppMakr and the DIY Mobile App Publishing space as a whole. There are millions of iPhone apps and Android apps out there waiting to be made. We can’t wait to get started!
 – Jay Shapiro, Tribal Head of the Humans – Infinite Monkeys