The delivery app market is taking convenience into the next generation.

After years of experience with push-button mobile apps, consumers expect to be able to get exactly what they want with — you guessed it — the simple push of a button.

Everything from viewing the day’s weather to paying a monthly electric bill has been digitized and stripped down to fit the tiny screen of a smartphone. As the market continues to expand, consumers and developers alike are discovering new ways to maximize convenience.

And what could be more convenient than having whatever you want delivered right to your door?

Here are just a few of the services that can bring you everything you could ever need the moment you need it, from late-night pepperoni pizzas, to groceries, to your freshly cleaned underwear.


Formerly known as WunWun, Alfred endows you with the magical power to run all of your errands without ever getting out of bed. It’s essentially a concierge service that will take care of any and all of your daily chores and tasks.

Whether it’s your laundry, grocery shopping, package pickup, or a trip to the pharmacy, Alfred is there to work quietly in the background to help make your life a bit easier.

So if you’re not doing the work, who is? Alfred pairs you with trained, paid helpers who will physically travel to one of their hand-selected vendors in order to complete the task you didn’t feel like doing.

Of course, this level of luxury doesn’t come cheap — it’ll cost you $99 a month, in addition to the normal expenses that come with things like groceries and laundry.


Before dismissing this one as just another food delivery app, it should be noted that SpoonRocket is a new and enticingly different idea that’s quickly catching on in major cities like San Francisco and Oakland. [tweetable alt=”Unlike other food delivery aggregators, the @SpoonRocket #app is a true mobile restaurant.” hashtag=””]Unlike other delivery aggregators,[/tweetable] SpoonRocket is an actual mobile restaurant.

Chefs craft a delicious menu of food made from fresh ingredients daily, and their lightning-fast delivery system allows food to get from the kitchen to your mouth at breakneck speed. If you happen to find yourself in their area of operation, be sure to check out this self-declared “next-generation food delivery network.”


Okay, so Magic may not technically be an app, but it’s simply too amazing and sought-after to be left off of this list. According to TechCrunch, [tweetable alt=”#Magic’s text-based #delivery service received over 17,000 messages in the first 48 hours of its existence.” hashtag=””]Magic’s text-based delivery service received over 17,000 messages in the first 48 hours of its existence.[/tweetable]

The truly unique thing about Magic is that it’s actually an aggregator of all delivery apps, which are themselves aggregators of restaurants that offer delivery.

One of their trained employees takes your request (no matter how ridiculous, so long as long as it’s legal) and finds you the appropriate service to make it a reality. So while Magic has never actually made an app, their understanding of the app market is a service unto itself.

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As you can see, app-powered delivery service is a booming market that still offers loads of room for new ideas and success. No matter how far technology progresses, people will always need their weekly groceries, occasional pepperoni pizza, and yes, freshly cleaned underwear.

The real challenge is providing the most intuitive and effective system that appeals to the broadest range of people. If you think you have an idea for the next generation of delivery apps, check out Infinite Monkeys’ free and easy-to-use app development system.