DarlingBuds of Annandale is a family operated flower shop that provides fresh on the day flowers to their customers. They are  located conveniently in Annandale, 6km from Sydney. They can deliver  flowers to you or your friends all over Sydney Areas at a small cost.


With one glance at the DarlingBuds app, users can visually see all the necessary components included  in the app like their online shop where you can browse and order flowers directly from your mobile phone.

They’ve also included a link to their facebook page where they actively share updates and photos of their amazing work.

You can also use this app to instantly access their phone number and call them directly for deliveries, questions or suggestions.

This app also features a Google Map that can help you get directions to their shop from anywhere across New South Wales.

The weather app lets users check the latest weather updates, and the upcoming weather for the next 6 days.

Check out the DarlingBuds app today. You can download it by clicking here.