As mobile app publishers ourselves, it’s always nice to see an app developer succeeding. Today we have a great example of that. Grizzly Labs, the developer of Genius Scan just announced that they have passed 10m downloads, and that their 1.2m active users have made more than 100m scans on their mobile devices. This is interesting for a number of reasons:

– That’s 10m downloads at $1.99 each – not a bad business for a single app that launched  just a year ago.

– 100m mobile scans is 100m scans NOT done on traditional scanners, can you say disruption? Anybody know how big the scanner business is for HP / Epson / etc?

– 1.2m out of 10m is pretty typical active usage, but it’s nice to see that publicly validated with a substantial data set.

I use the app and push scans in to Evernote, which works much better than just using the camera directly in Evernote itself.

This story should serve as a great inspiration for any of our mobile app publishers who are thinking about making an iPhone app for a business idea or that next great 10m download Android App. We’re delighted to be a part of that.





CORRECTION: The good folks at Grizzly Labs contacted me on our Twitter account (@oo_monkeys) asking us to make the following corrections to the above post.

1) They launched the Genius Scan mobile app 3 yrs ago (no such thing as an overnight success, right?) and

2) Not all 10m downloads of the app were paid.

Thanks for the clarification, we still love you guys.