A multi-colored interior of a brain.
A multi-colored interior of a brain.

Allan Ajifo/flickr

Does your personal technology cause you to suffer from mood swings or irrational behavior? A new app uses science and ingenuity to improve your relationship with your smartphone.

If you’re like me, you probably get upset when you look up from your smartphone and realize you’ve just wasted three hours refreshing your Facebook app and watching YouTube videos of people reacting to other YouTube videos.

Or maybe you’re not like me — maybe your daily mobile activities give you a blissful sense of accomplishment because you actually use your smartphone to get things done and maximize your efficiency.

If you’re at all unsure about where you fall on the smartphone emotional spectrum, now you can download an app that will help you better understand and manage your mobile-related feelings.

This is Your Brain With a Smartphone

BrainPal monitors activity in your brain while you use your smartphone, compiles the data, and then reports that information back to you. The app takes advantage of cutting-edge, brain monitoring technologies — more specifically, a Muse EEG headband and Cloudbrain, an open-source platform for wearable data analytics interpretation — to provide valuable, real-time insights into how you actually feel when you use your phone.

Now, when your gigantic pile of urgent emails starts to stress you out, or you become immersed in a sea of tranquility and mirth while you watch videos of kittens riding around on vacuum cleaners, those emotions will be readable in the form of colorful, intuitive graphs and charts, thanks to BrainPal.

Knowledge is Power

Much of the motivation behind a user’s mobile activity (like listening to music or purchasing specific apps) is the idea that these actions will have an impact on their level of happiness and well-being. BrainPal improves upon this idea in two ways:

Firstly, knowing which smartphone activities tend to trigger a negative emotional response allows users to limit that behavior or to avoid it altogether.

Secondly, BrainPal has the potential to improve the emotional efficiency of our existing mobile habits and tendencies. By monitoring the duration of specific smartphone activities and measuring its effect stress levels and mood, people can effectively cut back on the amount of time they spend using apps that make them feel depressed. Moreover, the platform will direct them towards activities that lead to positive emotional payoffs.

Good Mood Technology

Although people can improve their emotional outlook by limiting their use of stress-inducing apps, it’s even better to download apps that actively foster happiness. Productivity boosters, humorous or uplifting conversation forums, exercise and diet aids, and stress-buster activities are all examples of apps that can actually improve your day-to-day outlook and general state of mind.

Infinite Monkeys gives you the power to bring any of these upbeat app ideas to life. With the platforms simple drag and drop interface, now anyone can build a mobile app for iPhone and Android in less than 20 minutes — no prior coding experience necessary! Head over to the Machine and get started on your mood enhancing app today!