NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s photostream/flickr

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s photostream/flickr

Are you overwhelmed by the flurry of weather apps? Keep reading for the lowdown on which app has your back, come rain or shine.

With all the digital tools available to us these days, few people tune in to the Weather Channel anymore. The great outdoors have become the great unknown, a mystery waiting for us at the front door.

Instead of taking a gamble each time we walk by the coat rack in the morning, why not download a weather app that unlocks the sky’s secrets? Whatever your particular needs and fancies, one of the following apps should have you on cloud nine.

Old Faithful

The standard-bearer for weather apps, AccuWeather boasts an average rating of 4.5 stars on iTunes. [tweetable alt=”Unlike an average hourly forecast, the @accuweather #app provides #weather updates every 60 seconds.” hashtag=””]Unlike an average hourly forecast, the MinuteCast provides updates every 60 seconds.[/tweetable] And the precision doesn’t stop there: the app delivers hyper-localized precipitation information based on GPS location or street address.

Forecasts extend beyond the immediate climate, with animations detailing the weather over the next 72 hours or 15 days.

The day’s weather summary greets you the instant you open the app, and when users are in stormy situations, AccuWeather sends push notifications to keep them afloat and aware. iTunes reviewers rave about the readability, customizability, and accuracy of this easy-to-navigate smartphone tool.

Buggin’ Out

Mark Freeth/flickr

Mark Freeth/flickr

WeatherBug generates exact, [tweetable alt=”The @WeatherBug #app generates exact, real-time updates for your neighborhood through its extensive #weather matrix.” hashtag=””]real-time updates for your neighborhood through its extensive weather matrix.[/tweetable] The network spans 2.6 million locations around the world and offers both hourly and 10-day forecasts.

When the clouds come rolling in, WeatherBug provides rapid updates for your current and saved locations, and the app’s new “Spark” lightning alert feature lets you know your exact distance from a lightning storm.

For the weather nerds, there’s an interactive map that displays a Doppler radar, readings on pressure and humidity, and more. Plus, live weather cameras show images from more than 2,000 locations around the country.

Additional features include traffic cams, hurricane backgrounds, and a photo section. WeatherBug covers your bases, and users are showing their satisfaction with a 4-star rating on iTunes.

Underneath It All

Dawn Ellner/flickr

Dawn Ellner/flickr

Weather geeks delight in Weather Underground. Current features cover a range of data, from the usual hourly and 10-day forecasts, to specifics like air quality, UV risk, sunrise, and sunset. The historically curious can compare the day’s weather with that of the past.

An interactive map delivers layers of information and allows users to survey the routes of global storms. In order to customize your daily weather fix, pick and choose from the assortment of widgets, featuring tools like webcam views.

Basic Is as Basic Does

Remove the fanfare and fancy features from all these apps and you have The Weather Channel. This app isn’t here to dazzle you — it’s here to help you. Users looking for a simple, right-to-the-point forecast will enjoy the straightforwardness of TWC. The app informs you of the hourly, 36-hour, 10-day, and weekend forecasts in addition to current conditions.

Dark Matter

Diana Nguyen/flickr

Diana Nguyen/flickr

Anyone involved in camera work or cinematography must check out Dark Sky. Though the app costs $3.99, it’s a well worth the fee. At a glance, the app relays incoming weather information down to the minute, as well as for the next 24 hours.

Precise notifications ensure that your parade (or shoot) is never rained on. The visually oriented will appreciate the app’s striking maps, which track global weather patterns.

Head in the Clouds

How do these apps sound to you? Is there still an untapped niche for giving users the weather on their phones? With the user-friendly software provided by Infinite Monkeys, you can create a weather app that’s tailored to your needs. Develop your own app in just 20 minutes and you’ll be singing in the rain in no time.