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Taking a vacation can be the highlight of the year or a headache of a lifetime. Use some of these apps to plan your vacation and get you relaxing on the beach ASAP.

With the abundance of apps available today, you can find a program to help you with just about anything — you can even plan a getaway with just your smartphone. There is a plethora of super-convenient vacation apps on the market that make your planning smoother than the piña colada you’ll be sipping on the beach.

Before You Go

Hipmunk offers the fastest and easiest way to sort out the logistics of your trip. The app compares the hottest travel deals, arranging them in a unique display that allows users to easily compare options and choose the one that works best.

Tripit is an app that strives to decrease your travel chaos and increase your peace of mind. The app quickly and easily arranges all of your important information, like confirmation numbers and boarding passes, into one clean master itinerary. No more fumbling through your email to verify what hotel you’re staying in — Tripit makes getting there easier.

Packing Pro is crucial for all you over and under-packers out there. And who doesn’t hate bringing ten shirts too many or forgetting their toothbrush? Packing Pro prevents travel mishaps like these by allowing you to create and customize comprehensive lists of all your necessities and accessories, so you’ll be sure you haven’t forgotten anything, and won’t be so tempted to pack items you don’t need.

Once You Arrive

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Just Landed will make you a ninja in the pick-up lane at the airport. The app tracks incoming flights and your location, as well as local traffic conditions. It also notifies you when you should leave the house. Never be too late or too early to pick up your loved ones again.

Viber allows you to connect with your friends and family no matter where you are in the world. Free texting, calling, photo messages, and location-sharing ensures you’ll never be out of touch.

Entrain will banish jet lag for good. Using your smartphone, Entrain monitors your internal circadian clock to help you adjust to new time zones with ease. Seriously, how cool is that? All you need to do is input your travel information, decide when you want to start adjusting, and Entrain will recommend a lighting plan to help you acclimate to your new time zone as quickly as possible.

Vacation Apps are Cruising! Full-Steam Ahead

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Vacation apps are invaluable to today’s traveler. And even with these amazing products already on the market, more are sure to come, making vacations even more seamless.

Do you have an idea for a useful vacation app? Infinite Monkeys allows you to create and publish apps, and its easy drag-and-drop interface will allow you to cannonball into that pool of downloadable vacation tools, with enough functionality to please even the pickiest vacationer.

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