An old style school classroom.
An old style school classroom.


It’s time to head back to school, and these seven apps will help save you time and keep you organized.

It’s the start of another school year, which means it’s time to stock up on supplies. But we’re not just talking about new pens and paper — check out some of these awesome apps that will ease the transition out of your summer state of mind and help you hit the books like a pro.

Shed the Paper Weight

With its ability to store notes, pictures, and handwritten sketches in one place, Evernote is the Superman of organizational apps. In fact, the New York Times explains that the app’s only drawback is that its wide array of features may be intimidating to first time users.

The app eliminates the need for crumbling notebooks and overflowing backpacks. Who says phones don’t belong in the classroom?


Sick of Citing?

Building a bibliography from scratch is often the first step down the path to a migraine. Easybib offers a life preserver for your brain, allowing you to automatically cite all of your sources using a built in barcode scanner or easy search tool.

Easybib even orders and formats your completed citations for you, offering over 7,000 different citation styles to choose from. Just export to your e-mail, copy, paste, and you’re done.


Talk Back to Your Textbook

Having a hard time focusing on your conjugations? Duolingo disguises comprehensive language lessons as games in order to keep you engaged and entertained while you brush up on your vocab.

According to a study conducted by the City University of New York and the University of South Carolina, Duolingo actually teaches language more quickly and efficiently than your typical college-level course!


Flash Your Smarts

Although flashcards are great study tools, hauling dozens of them around with you can be a hassle. Say goodbye piles of paper flashcards with gFlash+, the app that lets you incorporate pictures, sound, and video into your electronic flashcard sets. gFlash+ offers multiple study mode settings, including self-test quizzes and matching games, so you can up the difficulty as you sharpen your skills.


Planning, Pain-Free

Remember that planner you bought last August and only used for the first two weeks of class? This time around, save yourself the trouble. Named by USA Today as one of the best back-to-school apps, MyHomework is the digital alternative to pricey planners.

It keeps track of your schedule and reminds you when assignments are due. And if your teacher downloads the complimentary app,, it will automatically send syllabi and class announcements right to your profile.


Map Your Mind

Sometimes genius strikes when you think “outside the page”. SimpleMind offers a variety of editable charts, diagrams, and sharing tools that will help you keep your thoughts organized during your next big brainstorming session.



Wikipedia Just Got Easier

We all know that Wikipedia shouldn’t be our only source for a paper, but, let’s be honest, it’s a great place to start. Wikipanion streamlines your Wikipedia experience, tracking your browsing history and letting you bookmark important articles so you can easily refer back to your early sources as a paper or project nears its completion. Just don’t mention this one to your teacher.


Want to Make Your Own App?

Have your own idea for a mobile app to make back to school a breeze? Check out Infinite Monkeys easy-to-use app maker and finish your first app in a matter of minutes.