A motorbike on a hill
A motorbike on a hill


From speedsters to cruisers, these four apps have something for every motorcyclist out there.

Apps are proving to be indispensable tools in just about every facet of the modern world, and the world of motorcycles is no different. Whether you’re looking for the best in navigation or a new route to ride, these four apps will help elevate your experience to the next level.

1. Dark Sky

Nothing will make a ride more miserable than wind and rain. More than just another weather app, Dark Sky uses powerful analytic tools to predict the weather, down to the minute, at your exact location. The app includes a detailed breakdown of the current conditions, from wind speed and direction to humidity and visibility, and will notify you when it’s all about to turn sour. The surprising accuracy of its predictions can help you smartly plan for any trip, while saving you and your motorcycle a wet and miserable ride.

2. Best Biking Roads

As the name suggests, Best Biking Roads is a user-driven app that helps riders find the best routes. Users can search for routes based on proximity to their current location, by country and region, or by name. You can also submit your own, complete with photos, videos, and descriptions. Roads are categorized, too, making it easy to find a speedy, thrilling ride or a slower, scenic trip. Featuring more than 615,842 miles of charted routes in over 80 countries, Best Biking Roads undoubtedly has something for every biker on the road.

3. MotoMap

MotoMap offers another means to find great routes and upload your own using a GPX file import, but it separates itself from Best Biking Roads by including a “follow the line” navigation feature. The app tracks your progress through a selected route in real time, complete with speed metrics, distance, and duration.

If you’re new to the route, MotoMap will direct you to the plotted start point, or you can choose a different point to begin at. Add friends who have also downloaded the app to track each other’s stats and show off your rides. And as an added bonus, the app lets you stream a music playlist to add a little ambiance to your route. After all, what’s a ride without tunes?

4. EatSleepRide

Two motorcycles on a road

Cyril Valleé/flickr

This Canadian app is a favorite among motorcyclists, and for good reason. EatSleepRide (ESR) is an all-in-one, feature-packed app with a social spin. Users can share photos, rides, reviews, and any other pertinent info on the feed, and can also find nearby riders and create private groups. This makes it easy to discover new routes and maintain a little friendly (or unfriendly) competition. The app includes an auto-start ride tracking system that records all the metrics of your ride — including speed, distance, elevation, and even lean angle on every turn.

Perhaps most impressive is ESR’s Crashlight, an accident detection feature available as an in-app purchase. Using the gyrometers and accelerometers in the iPhone (the app is in development for Android), Crashlight automatically senses if the rider has experienced a crash and sends an emergency message to three pre-selected contacts with your exact coordinates. Riders have three minutes to disarm the alarm before the notification is sent. The $14.99 annual subscription fee is a small price to pay for your safety and your loved ones’ peace of mind.

An app’s ability to enhance the motorcycle riding experience don’t end with these four options. While these apps are all fantastic in their own right, none of them quite have it all. An entrepreneurial rider looking to make an app that fills in any missing features can easily do so with DIY platforms like Infinite Monkeys. Requiring no previous coding experience, the next best motorcycle app is only missing its creator: you!