An old school phone.

As baby boomers become increasingly comfortable with mobile devices, a growing number of apps are appearing that target their specific, and often age-related needs.

During the span of 1946 to 1964, the United States gained its largest generation yet. According to, the baby boomers hit the scene, 76.4 million strong, accounting for practically 40% of North America’s population. As a generation, they’ve witnessed a rapid evolution of technology throughout their lives.

They can remember when computers were so large they occupied an entire room — and now, a vastly more powerful gadget can fit in the palm of their hands.

As baby boomers continue adapt to these technological advancements and acquire smartphones, app developers are catching on. Check out these five apps specifically targeted to this storied generation:

Dude, Where’s my Car?FindMycAR

This eternal question haunts many a boomer. When a simple errand turns into a treacherous, hours long hunt to locate your vehicle.

With Find My Car, say goodbye to afternoons wasted wandering around through sprawling, car-packed parking lots. Available for both Android and iPhone, the app automatically registers the GPS position of your car (or any location you need to remember for that matter) and guides you back with Google Navigation or your app of choice.

Cruise Control

Now that you’ve found your car, it’s time to This is the app for all you hypocrites who complain about people texting and driving — but then proceed to peek down at your own phone once you get behind the wheel. reads emails and texts aloud as you receive them, so you don’t have to touch or look at your phone to get that important message while you’re on the road.

Memory Support Evernote

Everyone’s memory needs a little jogging once in awhile. Evernote helps you store information that would otherwise end up caught on the tip of your tongue. The app is an all-in-one storage center: write yourself a note, take a picture of something important, record a voice memo, or copy an article from the internet to read later.

Plus, the information is conveniently stored on the cloud, so users can access these mementos from their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Zoom in on Life EyeReader

Another unavoidable side effect of aging is eyesight degeneration — as the years go by, our vision seems to get fuzzier and fuzzier. Fortunately, Eye Reader is here to help. The app registers and responds to the distance between the device and the user’s face, enlarging your phone’s text as your face gets farther away from the screen (and vice versa).

In order to properly function, Eye Reader requires a front-facing camera, so make sure your phone is properly equipped! It might just save the day the next time your reading glasses mysteriously vanish.

Lost and FoundTile

And when those reading glasses do inevitably disappear, there’s Tile. With this app’s help, you’ll never have to retrace your steps again. All you need to do is attach, adhere, or tie a Tile sensor to those precious possessions you’re most prone to losing.

Like a game of hot and cold, the app beeps as you get closer to the lost object. Each Tile sensor comes equipped with a loud microspeaker. You can also log into your Tile account on multiple devices, which comes in handy when it’s your phone that’s gone missing

Business Boom

The baby boomers represent a rapidly growing and potentially lucrative market for app developers. Using the above examples for inspiration, why not build your own app to help these old-timers age a little more gracefully? Infinite Monkeys makes it possible for anyone to create their own app for Android or iPhone.

The easy-to-use drag and drop interface enables people of all skill levels to design a high-quality mobile app in 20 minutes or less. Head over to the Machine and get started on your new app today!