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Looking for creative ways to structure your life? These top-rated apps will help you organize everything from your finances to your fitness regime.

Good habits aren’t easy to come by — it’s only with constantly repeated behavior that we can turn something from a best practice into a common one. The smartphones and tablets that we keep constantly at our side can often be a distraction, but believe it or not, they can be crucial tools in helping you focus on your goals. All it takes is the ability to organize and prioritize the things most important to you — put another way, the power to curate your life.

Whether you’re looking to form new habits or just need a creative new way to structure your media, here are seven apps that will help curate your day-to-day schedule:

1. Mint

When it comes to finances, even the most organized among us could sometimes use a helping hand. With budgeting apps like Mint, you’ll be able to keep all of your financial info neatly stored on your phone. Custom built to help you hack your saving habits, this app will help you reach your financial goals, no problem.

2. Pinterest

Organizing creative ideas, from DIY art projects to your dream wedding, often seems like a daunting task. Luckily, apps like Pinterest help you structure creative ideas in a fun, quirky, aesthetically-oriented way. And with more than a hundred million “pinners,” if you’re ever looking for inspiration to strike, you needn’t look farther than someone else’s beautifully-curated board.

3. SmartNews

Self-described as “the fastest, most efficient way to get all your news,” SmartNews is an excellent app for those who are constantly on the go, but still want to stay well-informed. Even if you don’t have time to skim the NYTimes app, SmartNews will make sure all of the must-read stories make it to the top of your cue. Since the design is simple and sleek, you’ll be able to read your news distraction-free.

4. Rheo

Although Rheo is strictly for Apple TV so far, its unique design aims to organize all your media consumption in a new and exciting way. Rheo seeks to emulate the old channel surfing experience by curating relevant Facebook videos for users to flip through, pausing at whichever one they like. Although this app won’t help you organize anything substantial, it will certainly change your newsfeed experience, and maybe alter the way you use social media generally.

5. Productive

When it comes to breeding good habits, productivity is key. In that spirit, Productive will help you track your habits and goals so that you can stay on track to turn your aspirations into realities. As aforementioned, building new routines is far from simple — with that in mind, using a habit-building app can help take some of the stress out of planning, and put more emphasis on completing your objectives.

6. Spotify

For music lovers on the go, few apps can contend with Spotify. With hundreds of well-designed playlists and millions of songs, Spotify is dedicated to providing users with an experience specially curated to their mood. Observing trends in individual users’ listening habits, the app will even make a weekly mix of music, the Discover Weekly playlist, specifically catered to your interests.

7. FitStar Personal Trainer

Lets face it — getting in shape can be tough. But as apps like FitStar Personal Trainer recognize, organizing your workout is often half the battle. With an enormous variety of workout plans, the app lets you design a regime that focuses on your specific fitness goals and works around your crazy schedule.

If none of these apps fit your organizational needs, not to worry. With Infinite Monkeys’ DIY app building software, you’ll be able to create an app that will help you curate your life in no time at all.

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