Martin Hajek/flickr

Martin Hajek/flickr

Thanks to Apple’s newest innovation, watches are no longer just for telling time. With over 3,000 apps already available, it’s important to differentiate between the must-haves and the apps that will only clutter your (tinier) homescreen.

What once seemed like a Jetsons-worthy gadget of the future is now a reality. The Apple Watch, released last month, is a ground-breaking new smart tool that promises to help you navigate through everyday life in unforeseen ways.

However, just like with the iPhone or iPad, [tweetable alt=”#AppleWatch users must choose their #apps carefully, as the device only holds 8GB of data, says @9to5mac.” hashtag=””]Watch users will have to consider which apps to purchase or download that best suit their daily needs, especially as the device only holds 8GB of data,[/tweetable] according to 9to5Mac.

We all love our daily doses of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but will we find ourselves more attracted to a whole other range of apps specifically intended for the Watch? Here’s a quick list to help you get started.


Couch potatoes beware! According to Apple, Activity displays three bright colored rings resembling traffic lights to track the amount of minutes you spend exercising each day, the amount of times you take a moment to stand up instead of continuing to sit, and best of all, how many active calories you’ve burned.

Try to complete each ring every day and you’ll be well on your way to living a healthier life.


On the topic of exercising, get out for a run! Running with your smartphone attached to your arm isn’t always the most convenient way of tracking your miles. RunKeeper lets you set workout goals by time and distance, all while snugly wrapped around your wrist.

Armed with a sleek new Apple Watch, you can easily keep an eye on how far you’ve gone, and get that extra motivation you need to hit that final half-mile.

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories makes the often tedious task of cooking a breeze by providing easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipe instructions, and it can even store shopping lists and set timers. Instead of fumbling through your handbag trying to find your phone in the middle of aisle three, you can glance down at the Apple Watch on your wrist to see what you forgot to pick up.

And best of all, say goodbye to running back and forth between the frying pan and your tablet to look over the instructions, spilling egg all over in the process.


Jeff Van Campen/flickr

Jeff Van Campen/flickr

If you live in or are planning to visit one of Citymapper’s supported cities, including London, Madrid, New York City, and Chicago, then this app is a must-have. Citymapper gives its urbanite users faster and easier walking, public transportation, and driving instructions than even the most popular smartphone apps. [tweetable alt=”With the help of the @Citymapper #app, #AppleWatch will alert you when you arrive at your destination.” hashtag=””]And the Watch will even alert you when you’ve arrived with a gentle tap on the wrist. At last, your own personal tour guide.[/tweetable]


Always wanted to learn a new language, but just don’t have the time? Babbel forever solves that problem by introducing you to a host of new vocabularies. The best part of this app? It caters to your location, popping up with words based on where you are or what you’re doing. Quelle une app fantastique!

Better Yet, Create Your Own

The best new app out there could be your own. Infinite Monkeys allows inexperienced developers to create their own app for only $1 per month. Rather than spending time scrolling through the app store, never quite finding what suits your needs, Infinite Monkeys’ simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to add the features you want in minutes.