Jon Fingas/flickr

Jon Fingas/flickr

So you have the perfect mobile app idea: now all you need to do is design the app itself. Yet this is where many apps falter and never make it to market. Here are six recommendations for designers looking to take their app ideas to the next level.

The perfect mobile app deserves a perfect design, yet so many great app ideas never seem to get the makeover they need to succeed. Check out some of these tips to help you design the next best-selling app.

1. Plan Out Your Structure

There’s nothing more frustrating to mobile users than an overly complicated or downright nonsensical interface. [tweetable alt=”Use #flowcharts to ensure your #app structure is simple to navigate, says #SkyMark.” hashtag=””]Use flowcharts to ensure your structure is simple to navigate,[/tweetable] according to SkyMark. Also, make sure that your key functional screens, such as main menus or home pages, aren’t buried beneath less important links.

2. Use High-Resolution

With so many available mobile devices from a multitude of different providers, the variety of resolution options is endless. The easiest way to design an app with crisp imagery is to use high-resolution files — this way, your app will not only suit devices with the largest pixel ratio, but be able to scale down so that it looks great on devices with smaller ratios.

3. Keep it Simple and Uncluttered

Placing too many buttons or images on an interface will typically encourage potential customers to pass on your app. While it can be tempting to fit as much content as possible on each screen at any given moment, don’t forget that less is always more when it comes to designing for smartphones.

4. Be Original

[tweetable alt=”Originality is a priority for #apps (like @facebook #poke) but the #design process is just as crucial.” hashtag=””]Originality is an important rule in terms of an app’s concept (remember Facebook Poke, anyone?), but you should remember that the design process is just as crucial as the idea itself.[/tweetable] Take the time to add small personal touches and make your app as unique as possible.

5. Consider Your Audience

It’s important to remember that your app should be user-friendly and easy to navigate for a variety of different mobile devices and operating systems. Also, while you may find your app accessible, don’t assume everyone else will have a similar experience. Take these variables into consideration when choosing layouts or text options for your app.

6. Thoroughly Test Your App

Many of these factors can be tested by sharing your app with friends, or even by using a focus group. This will also help with seemingly basic but often forgotten parts of your app like spelling and grammar, since nothing ruins the professionalism of a design faster than poor use of language.

It’s always important to get another set of eyes to look at your app before you launch: that way, you’re less likely to overlook any key details.


While all these suggestions may seem overwhelming, if there’s one idea to take away from all this, it’s to keep the interface as simple as possible. That way, your big app idea can really flourish! By using interface options like app sharing, or by syncing compatibility with other smartphone utilities such as maps or calendars, you can increase the likelihood of your app’s success.

With all this in mind, the most useful tool for any designer is a smart, simple platform that allows you to build a design around your app idea. Infinite Monkeys is a creation kit for app developers, allowing anyone to build their dream app quickly with a simple drag-and-drop tool. Check it out today and give your perfect ideas the perfect design!