Mobile app design has been constantly evolving over the past few years. When Apple first launched the App store in 2008, “app design” as a discipline didn’t exist and we all had a clean sheet to invent from. However, since then some very clear best practices have evolved, creating solid concepts for what is “good” design and “bad” design.

A recent post on Movidev highlights 24 tips for great Mobile App Designs that are incredibly useful if you want to create your own app with free app maker tools like Infinite Monkeys.

Infinite Monkeys makes it easy to build an app, but the user experience design is still an important factor in making your app successful and easy to use. Our free iPhone  and Android appmaker allows a ton of design flexibility in terms of selecting navigation layouts, icons, backgrounds and colors. …but, freedom brings risk, so if you want your app to sing, then this article is well worth reading…

A few of our favorite tips include:

#8. The thumb is the finger that is used for one-handed tapping. Arrangement of icons and the layout must mean convenience for that. It’s essential for people who use their smartphone with just one hand, while the other holds a cup of coffee, a briefcase, a remote control, whatever.

#17. Your mobile app should be functional at an arm-length distance between the eyes and the screen.

#23. Your texts must be concise and precise. Make sure your content provides clear and meaningful ideas.

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