Sharon & Nikki McCutchen/flickr

Sharon & Nikki McCutchen/flickr

Infinite Monkeys is proud to introduce their “Monetize Your App with Ads” option, allowing developers to include banners in their apps and making app development more lucrative than ever.

Mobile apps have quickly grown into one of the most lucrative areas in the digital market, according to Fortune. And while it’s true that apps have become relatively easy to make and distribute, even the best app can prove worthless to you if it isn’t properly sold and monetized.

If you’re not sure where to start, selling your digital product is not an easy endeavor — there are numerous variables that can very easily interfere with the money-making process as Game House reports. Luckily for inexperienced developers, though, companies like Infinite Monkeys understand these difficulties and want to help. Using their brand new “add on” benefit, Infinite Monkeys makes reaping your app’s monetary rewards easy.

A Simplified Approach

As a company that deals with developers every day, Infinite Monkeys realizes that the process behind creating an app can be long and arduous. After alpha testing, beta testing, and registering your app with major vendors, setting up a comprehensive monetization system may seem like altogether too much work.

That’s why Infinite Monkey’s new feature helps you to include banner ads in your app and start making money as soon as possible — all you need to do is check a box. By simplifying this process, it’s our hope that developers will be encouraged to spend more time on their products and less time worrying about how to profit.

How To Get Started

There’s no doubt that Infinite Monkeys developed this new feature with app makers in mind. It’s straightforward, hassle-free, and most importantly, effective.

In step three of the developing machine, Infinite Monkeys offers you the option to “Monetize Your App with Ads.” [tweetable alt=”At the click of a mouse, @oo_monkeys will integrate @google @admob into your #app.” hashtag=””]Checking this box allows you to incorporate banner ads in your program from the ad network[/tweetable] Google AdMob, and it will soon include the networks inmobi, Millennial Media, and potentially more.

[tweetable alt=”For just $2 per month, @oo_monkeys will #monetize your #app, and give you all the #profits.” hashtag=””]Infinite Monkeys charges a flat rate of just $2 per month for this service,[/tweetable] and all of the ad revenue goes directly to you, the developer.

Keep in mind that the publisher must have an existing AdMob account in order to take advantage of this service. Don’t worry, though — if they you already have one, Infinite Monkeys will provide the link to create a new account. Once you have your account all set up, simply provide us with your AdMob ID number and we’ll take care of the rest!

Don’t Hesitate! Start Making Money Today.

As the app market continues to boom, it’s increasingly clear that there’s money to be made in development. With the help of programs that allow you to comprehend or bypass complicated, financial aspects of the business, the market can present itself in an entirely new and accessible way.

Whether you’re a seasoned user of the Infinite Monkeys template or someone who’s entirely new to app development, come check out this new feature and start creating an app that’s both fun and lucrative.