Jack Wolf/flickr

Jack Wolf/flickr

For those late nights alone at the office, as well as for the bleary-eyed morning after, here are seven of the best apps to help you pull a productive all-nighter.

When there’s a mountain of work between you and tomorrow morning’s deadline, you’re probably looking for any kind of help you can get. As the hours go by and your senses dull, you start to wonder if your work is even making sense anymore, let alone enough to meet your boss’s expectations.

If only you had a helping hand to pull you through your all-nighter jam.

But don’t despair yet — your smartphone could offer all the extra help you need. No, Siri can’t create those Powerpoint presentations for you, but a few of these apps could make it much easier to do your work, plan out what little sleep you can get, and get back to the office on time.

Alertometer Alertometer

When it gets late and you start to feel weary, it might be better in the long-run to catch a short nap rather than doing the slow, shoddy work that tends to come from someone who’s nearly unconscious. Using Alertometer, you can test your mental alertness and make an informed decision about whether you should keep plugging away or stop to get some rest.

This is also great for making sure you’re good to drive back home after a long night of work — fatigue can be more dangerous to drivers than the influence of alcohol or drugs.


During those long nights when you need some guidance to keep you on track, this app will keep your eyes on the prize. Omnifocus helps you organize every aspect of your life, from day-to-day tasks to long term goals, so you can spend less time worrying about what needs to be done and more time doing it. A little organization can put a lot of distance between you and your deadline.

TinyFlashlightTiny Flashlight

Tiny Flashlight is a great flashlight app for Android that requires no special permissions and doesn’t take up much space on your device. That should go without saying for an app this simple, but unfortunately, many flashlight apps don’t meet these basic requirements.

Instead, they waste storage space and battery power, all while demanding permissions to access personal data that they shouldn’t have any use for. Finding your car in the office parking lot shouldn’t kill your phone!


Afraid the morning will come too soon after an all-nighter? Get an alarm that forces you to get out of bed (or out from under your desk) by requiring you to take a perfect picture of something around you before you can turn it off.

This app is also known as the “the world’s most annoying alarm” because of its “difficult” mode, which prompts the user to take a picture of something the night before, then to take another that perfectly matches the original when it’s time to get up. Users say it can take dozens of attempts to get this second photo right.

This alarm app is best suited to iPhones, since their batteries are not removable and there’s no workaround to switch off the alarm. You can also choose to solve math problems or simply shake the device to silence the app, so don’t be discouraged if early-morning photography isn’t something you’re interested in.


Sleepbot lets you track your sleeping patterns so you can see if you’re getting enough quality rest during the night. It uses the motion-sensing capabilities of your smartphone and records audio as you sleep, then uploads the activity it records to the Sleepbot servers, which analyzes and illustrates it with simple, customizable graphs and displays.

The app also features a smart alarm that uses your body’s movements and sounds to determine when you’re in a light phase of sleep, which is the best time to wake up. This helps to avoid that dreaded morning grogginess.

YourAppHere3Create Your Own App

If you want to try your hand at creating an app that will service all your all-nighter needs, then Infinite Monkeys is just the service to do it: head on over to The Machine, where you can put together your perfect app in no time!