Creating and building a startup can be a wonderful but exhausting experience. A recent post from one of our partners, Grasshopper accentuates some unconventional startup focussed books that can enlighten you with unique insights that go beyond the average books for entrepreneurs. These books will be very helpful in addition to creating your own app with free app maker tools like Infinite Monkeys.

We have found that Grasshopper is a great tool for entrepreneurs and startups to add phone extensions / menus and voicemail to your website with no infrastructure. They provide our toll-free number, and we’ve found it to be incredibly useful in our ability to help publishers with their mobile app related questions.

Here’s two of our favorite reads amongst the seven recommendations:

1. The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell  

The Tipping Point is a book about change. It draws from psychology and sociology and epidemiology, and uses examples from the worlds of business and education and fashion and media. It features important insights on how startups can achieve the tipping point they need to succeed.

2. The 4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss

Ferriss got the ideas present in The 4-Hour Workweek while working 14-hour days at his sports nutrition supplement company. He was frustrated by the overwork and lack of free time so he outsourced his daily tasks to virtual assistants. His escape from a workaholic lifestyle was the beginning of the book.

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