About Us

Bigger than Ben Hur…

and Apple and Google.

AppMakr just reached an amazing milestone, two million apps and counting have been created on our platform. We are incredibly proud of this achievement especially as a smaller company working in a space with some of the biggest, most recognized brands in the world.

Based Completely in the Cloud and Proud of it.

As a company we exist entirely in the cloud. We do not rent an inch of office space and have never gathered around the dreaded water cooler. Instead our 60+ employees on six continents gather and collaborate in virtual places like Trello, Google Hangouts, Indiegrove and oDesk to organize and coordinate all the work done in multiple locations.

Our People are the Best.

Our cloud-based business model allows AppMakr to hire the best people in the world, rather than the best people who coincidentally live within a 30 mile radius of some arbitrary office. We have developers in Spain, designers in Bulgaria, and customer support staff around the clock in Thailand, Egypt, India, Canada and Mexico. People we would never be able to work with if we were not a distributed organization.

Rather than spending money on office space and all the material objects you need to fill that space before you even add employees, we are using those funds to reward our employees for offering our platform in 15 languages with 24 hour customer support.

Listening to Our Customers, Our number One Priority.

We have made a lot of changes, updates and quality improvements based on the feedback from our customers.

We got rid of the ‘freemium’ model, where the vast majority of our publishers would have access to the basic version of our platform, in exchange for us having access to their users to run annoying ads in the apps. Whenever we talked to publishers about the platform, we consistently heard the same harsh feedback about the ads: Everybody hated them.

We also realized that any publisher that isn’t willing to pay even $1 a month for their app probably isn’t building a very good one …so, we turned off the ads. Any apps already built using our free plan, will stay free - forever. However, going forward the minimum price on the platform will be the $1 / month “App Basics” plan. We’re not changing any of our other prices - we’re just killing off the ads.
If a publisher WANTS ads in their app, they are welcome to run their own. We will continue supporting a number of 3rd party ad networks including AdMob, inMobi, Millenial Media and others. We stand out from the competition by passing 100% of the ad revenues directly to our publishers. If you want to run ads for your users, that’s your choice and you’re welcome to make a lot of money doing so.

That’s not the only improvements we’ve made.

We are constantly working to add new features, improve custom design options and provide security protections that our publishers can depend on.  We recently introduced hundreds of customization options including private Live Chat Rooms allowing app users to enjoy closed secure group chats and a new partnership with MetaCert has made AppMakr the first mobile app making company in the world to incorporate malware and phishing protection within native apps.

We believe it is a myth that DIY mobile apps have to look boilerplate or have limited capabilities.  Our apps demonstrate how each app can be created in a unique, personal way containing the information that a company, organization or individual is looking to convey, with no coding or technical experience required.  

We also love to Give Back to our community.

During this year’s Hour of Code, AppMakr launched a free Middle and High School education curriculum containing four hands-on classroom workshops about the app economy and the principles of app creation and marketing.  The AppMakr Mobile App curriculum, with its interactive lesson plans and technology-based approach, presents a unique opportunity for educators to help close this skill gap, one student at a time. Teachers can download the free classroom curriculum at:http://appmakr4schools.com/Curriculum

To learn more about how AppMakr is transforming the Mobile App Economy, please visit www.appmakr.com and follow www.facebook.com/AppMakr on Facebook as well as @AppMakr on Twitter.