What We Connect With

Photo Gallery

Upload and share your photos with all your fans.

Social Feeds

Real-time feeds from your favorite social networks. Keep your fans up to date.

Video Content

Give your fans access to the latest videos posted on a specific topic, or by a specific poster.

Calls to Action

Give your customers a way to reach you with a single click.

Restaurant & Bars

Put your reviews, menu & reservations in your customers hands.

Music Bands

Securely share your latest tracks with your fans, and earn money by selling tracks in the app.

Bloggers & Authors

Reach your audience where & when they want to read your posts.

Fan Interactions

Help your fans to interact with each other through your private social network.

Maps & Directions

Connect directly with the mapping software built in to your fan's smartphones.

Calendar & Events

Real-time shared calendars to keep your fans up-to-date on your events.

Reference Materials

Fill your app with existing reference materials: quotes, stats & religious texts.

Contacts List

Make it easy for your users to reach you and your team.