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So, you want to create your own mobile app, do you?...well, you've come to the right place. We have a barrel full of them!

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While it's true that our Mobile Apps are in fact "mobile" and they are "apps", they are much more than that though. These special apps reach out beyond your phone to bring together the best content from around the internet to create a super-relevant niche social network to connect you and the people in your community.

Of course, how you choose to define "community" is completely up to you. It could be your family, fans of your punk rock garage band, your school parents' associations, or maybe your local church / synagogue / mosque.

However you define "community" we can help you connect with the people who are important to you.


First, you need an idea. Think of a group that you want to connect with. People who share a common interest/passion as you. That's the hard part.

Next comes the easy bits. Filling in the forms.

We will walk you through a process of choosing what kinds of functions & features you want in your app. You can choose from things like: photo sharing, blog feeds, Twitter, YouTube videos, shared event calendars, live chat rooms, etc.

For each function, we'll need a bit of information. It's all pretty simple stuff, and our instructional videos will show you how to go out into the wilds of the internet, and come back with information like the address for your blog's RSS feed.

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We know what you're probably thinking. Most mobile apps cost thousands of dollars to make, so how can we sell them for just $1 a month?

There are two answers to that question:

#1 - all of our apps are similar in structure. We put the power in your hands to decide what functions you want in the apps, by selecting from a list of functions that we've already pre-built. That allows us to keep costs down.

#2 - we only use monkeys to do our programming. As mentioned in the About Us section, all of our mobile apps are created by a very special group of trained Dusky Leaf Monkeys. Well, actually they get offended when we call them "trained" so let's just say they're very good at what they do, and they're still willing to work for bananas.