About Us

Infinite Monkeys: The Origins

(As remembered by Jay Shapiro - CEO)

"It seems like a lifetime ago... David and I had gone to explore the rainforests of Borneo. We were hoping to spot an orangutan or two. On our third day deep in the jungle, our 4WD plunged into a deep hole. We were seriously injured, stranded, and in trouble. I think we would have died there and then if a troop of spectacled leaf monkeys had not come along. They managed to bring us back to their home, rather in the manner of Lilliputians, and kept us fed and watered

When we had recovered enough to regain our curiosity, we were astounded to find that there were hundreds of monkeys in the community. They had appropriated the shell of a downed World War II plane and made it their home. Judging from the assortment of typewriters they had amassed, the plane could only have been carrying members of the press. More to the point, the monkeys had taught themselves to type. By then, they had already managed to write the scripts for seasons 7, 8 and 9 of The Sopranos that would have made Matthew Weiner jealous.

During our recuperation, we explored the surrounding area. We did not see any orangutans, but we did manage to teach our talented friends how to create mobile apps using our miraculously intact and fortuitously solar-powered iPad.

Our monkey friends astounded as by their abilities to go beyond their surface cuteness to program a system of proprietary content aggregation. This enabled them to automate the creation of mobile-based social networks. It was the next step in their evolution to link together specialized human tribes while preserving each community’s unique and relevant style and content.

We survived, and we formed “Infinite Monkeys,” which is currently one of the top publishers of customized mobile apps for community social networking. More importantly, we finally proved without a shadow of a doubt that we can do anything if we had enough monkeys.

The Theory behind Infinite Monkeys, (according to Skree-Pop – CEM (Chief Engineering Monkey)

A wise human once declared:

"If you sat infinite monkeys before typewriters for an infinite time, they would at some point be able to type everything Shakespeare ever wrote."

Infinite Monkey mobile app

This clearly proves two things:

  1. 1. The wisest man is more idiotic than a monkey, because:
    1. It only takes a weekend, not infinity.
    2. Typewriters are passé; IPAD 2s work so much better
    3. Shakespeare? Why not Aaron Sorokin?
  2. 2. There is a better use for an infinite workforce working for peanuts (or bananas for that matter) than sitting around typing old manuscripts. That is building mobile apps that make money. Maybe not a lot of money, but when it comes down to the math, we are taking about an INFINITE number of apps. Anything i.e. 10 cents multiplied by infinity is definitely a whole lot of bananas.

Monkeys and long tails

Internet-savvy monkeys like us know all about long tails (and we’re not talking about swinging from tree to tree, though that’s fun, too!). We also know that an infinite number of monkeys is not actually possible no matter how busy we get (and take your mind out of the gutter!). However, we did the next best thing. We had this awesomely clever idea of building a program that automated niche social networking mobile app generation. We can literally build an infinite number of apps at ridiculously low cost.

So who’s the monkey now, huh? We are, and proud of it! Monkeys RULE!

We have come so far, and in such short order, too!

We are the David (and Jay) to their Goliath

We Monkeys know on which side our bananas have the peanut butter. We have cleverly built up sister monkey AppMakr, now the Matriarchal Monkey, and fellow siblings Appifier which came out of Canada just like our founder Monkeys, and iBuild Apps, which you must admit is a great handle! Because of our smart investments, we are now the proud platform of an amazing two million apps and counting!

We are so proud of all our Monkeys for this achievement. We are smaller than our big-name competitors, but that makes it easier for us to keeping growing and adding tons of new features for our publishers to choose from.

The Trees, the Clouds, Same Difference

We live entirely in the Cloud, and that means we do not pay a single penny for square footage of office space anywhere. We schmooze with our 60+ employee Monkeys in Indiegrove, Google Hangouts, oDesk and Trello. That is infinitely (ha!) better than some old water cooler. We get our groove going in six continents with no problem.

We Only Hire the Best Monkeys, from anywhere, everywhere

Because we live in the Cloud, we can hire the best developers, designers and customer service personnel in the world. Location is not a barrier for us. Canada, Spain, Bulgaria, Thailand, Mexico, Egypt, India…it is all the same. As a distributed organization, we have the freedom to work with anyone we want, and we do.

We can also reward them better for attracting clients in 15 different languages 24/7 to our platform. We do not pass on the cost to our clients, either. This is because we have funds that would otherwise go to renting office space and maintaining it. This means better, more affordable service for our clients all around.

We Listen to our publishers All Day Long

We love to listen to our customers. It is the best way for us to improve our quality of service.

For instance, many of our publishers complained about the ads that came with our “freemium” plan. Basically, we let them access the platform without charge, but they had to put up with ads horning into their apps. That was annoying. So, we listened and changed it.

Moving forward, we took out the ads, and got rid of the free app option a publisher will now pay $1 a month in exchange for zero ads in their apps. We figured a publisher who did not want to pay $1 a month for their app was not serious about creating a good one, anyway. However, the apps already published using the freemium model would continue to be free, and all our other paid plans were unaffected by the new ad free “Basic Plan” option.

Publishers of free apps still have to eat, though, so we continue to support third party ad networks on our platform for those who WANT ads on their apps to make money. They can choose to go into business with the likes of Millenial Media, AdMob, and inMobi. We also make it a point to send 100% of ad revenues to the app publisher. This is just a little something different that we like to do for our clients.

Yes, There’s More

We never get tired of improving our offerings to our customers. From tighter security, new features, or better design options we have worked hard to bring our publishers more options. Just recently, we uploaded a ton of customization options for our publishers. They can include features like Live Chat Rooms so app users can have closed secure group chats. Not to brag, but we also happen to be the first company, thanks in part to our partnership with MetaCert, to offer protection from malware and phishing in native apps with just the click of a button and at a minimal cost.

We offer these options because we firmly believe DIY apps by ordinary folks can be as good as any app made by someone with excellent coding skills. The apps created on our platform bust the myth that “amateur” mobile apps have to look cloned or have limited features. Our apps are personalized and unique, perfectly able to put across what the company wants to express.

Monkeys are Good Neighbors

Infinite Monkey mobile app

Giving back to the community is just something that we love to do. Just recently, we began to offer free hands on workshops for Middle and High School students called the Mobile App curriculum. The program has a technological approach evident in the interactive lesson plans. This is ideal for teachers that would like to take on one-on-one skills training on the principles of app economy, creation, and marketing. Educators can access the curriculum at

Infinite Monkeys is tapping away at the Mobile App Economy. To find out more about how we are transforming it, check us out at or @oo_monkeys on Twitter