Videos from APPNation 2011

Infinite Monkeys at APPNation 2011 - The BIG Launch

Jay Shapiro, Tribal Head of the Humans at Infinite Monkeys announces the BIG launch of at the APPNation 2011 Show with a whopping 700 Apps right out of the gate. It was a great show. We met all kinds of really cool people with many brilliant and useful ideas.

Infinite Monkeys at AppNation 2011 - The EcoRoamer

Jay Shapiro talks about bringing the EcoRoamer to the APPNation 2011 show. The EcoRoamer is currently touring the globe as the Infinite Monkeys corporate headquarters and the home for Jay and his family as they continue their 5 year adventure around the world. Go to to learn more about this beast of a 3 bedroom condo on 42 inch wheels.