About Us

    How Infinite Monkeys Came To Be...

    (Retold by Jay Shapiro - CEO)

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    "It seems like so long ago now... David and I were overlanding in the jungles of Borneo. Three days into our expedition, the Land Cruiser breached a crevasse leaving us injured and stranded deep in the jungle. Lying there, half conscious, hungry and perished we would have surely perished were it not for a family of dusky leaf monkeys who found us, worked together to pick us up and took us back to their home to nurse us back to health with a diet of pomelos, bananas and fresh spring water full of nourishing minerals.

    Upon recovering we discovered their community of hundred of monkeys living in a rusted out old shell of a WWII plane that had crashed into the jungle. It must have been a press plane, the monkeys had found the collection old manual typewriters and apparently taught themselves to type. By the time we had arrived they already had written the manuscripts for three additional seasons of The Sopranos.

    We passed the days exploring the jungle, and teaching our new 'family' how to develop free apps on our solar charged iPad.

    Thankfully, we managed to survive the ordeal, and today "Infinite Monkeys" is one of the largest producer of niche community social networking mobile apps. Proving that with enough monkeys you really can accomplish anything.

    The dusky leaf monkeys surprised us all, moving beyond their cute exterior, to create a proprietary content aggregation system allowing them to launch mobile-based social networks on an automated basis. This allows the monkeys to help facilitate a huge number of existing niche human tribes to make inter-connections through content and styles that are unique & relevant to each niche community.

    Operating on a Freemium revenue model, Infinite Monkeys now aggregates content for thousands of mobile apps, empowering millions of humans. Pretty smart."

    The Philosophy Behind Infinite Monkeys (as typed by Skree-Pop - Chief Engineering Monkey)

    One of the very few wise humans once said:

    "If you sat an infinite number of monkeys down at an infinite number of typewriters for an infinite length of time, they would eventually write the entire works of Shakespeare."

    Infinite Monkey mobile app

    This is clear proof of two things:

    1. Even the wisest human is stupider than monkeys, because:
      1. It actually would only take us one weekend, not eternity.
      2. Who uses a typewriter anymore? We would do it on our iPAD 2's.
      3. Everybody knows that Aaron Sorokin is a better writer anyhow.
    2. "Wise Humans" clearly still don't understand modern economics in a flat-world, long-tail environment.
      It simply, If you have an infinite workforce that works for peanuts (or better yet, bananas!) why sit around typing old manuscripts when instead we can build ad & affiliate supported mobile apps that earn revenues. OK, maybe not a lot of revenue, but hello? Humans!? We're talking about an INFINITE number of apps. (10 cents x infinity) = a lot of bananas, if you know what I mean.

    Monkeys understand long tails.

    Monkeys know that long tails are no longer for just hanging upside down from trees. (although that is still more fun)
    Monkeys also know that no matter how busy we may get (even more fun, nudge nudge, wink wink! Ya, you know what I'm talkin' about...) we're still not going to be able to make an infinite number of monkeys. That's why we built our automated app generating machine instead. It can create an infinite number of niche social networking mobile apps with almost zero marginal cost.

    Who's the cute monkey now?!? Monkeys RULE!